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#334 fixed colour by height cross section scroll emca chrfi

it is currently possible to manually set the minimum and maximum for the colour by height range. it would be nice if it was possible once a certain height range is picked to be able to scroll this range up and down (essentially incrementing the min and max at the same time with a single option) (plus it looks like a cat scan :) ... or is it mri )

#339 fixed GB09/00, flight day 174/2010, Oxford Parks knpa jb362

Data location: ~arsf/workspace/GB08_05-2010_174_Oxford_parks

Data arrived from ARSF via network transfer on 28th June 2010

Scientific objective: Calibration

Priority: alpha 4 low

PI: M Pollard

  • Eagle (20/12/2010)
  • Hawk (20/12/2010)
  • Leica LIDAR (26/08/2010)
  • Photography (26/08/2010)
#342 fixed GB08/06, flight day 167/2010, Bleaklow knpa ella

Location of unpacked data: /users/rsg/arsf/workspace/GB08_06-2010_167_Bleaklow

Scientific purpose: Study of peatlands in the uplands of the Peak District National Park.

Scientific objectives: To evaluate the ability of SPECIM images to distinguish between moorland restoration treatments and provide new knowledge on thresholds for estimating habitat condition for sparse vegetation growth on carbon-rich soils, building on work on hyperspectral remote sensing of bare peat.

Data arrived from ARSF via network transfer on 28th June 2010.

PI: Ms Julia McMorrow


  • Eagle (18/08/10)
  • Hawk (20/12/10)
  • Leica LIDAR (18/08/10)
  • RCD Digital photography (24/08/10)
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