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#33 fixed BGS2007/02, flight day 172/2007 mggr mggr

Data arrived via DVD.

This dataset is a test of concept for a later flight in the year. BGS commissioned this flight to see if they could see CO2 leaking from covered containers, with a view to detecting sequestered CO2 leakage from mines.

Process as a high priority job (obviously, we're blocked until we have calibration).

#35 fixed Support: 06/July/2007, Peter North, ? mggr mggr

Requested, via Gary, updated azgcorr (was using .4591 & .4611).

#36 fixed WM2006/07, flight day 159/2006 amro mggr

This one is one of the 2006 datasets that hasn't been delivered but wasn't known about - the PI, Prof. Keith Richard (see internal contact details page for email), contacted us directly after receiving the 157 data we did know about.

We appear to have the (CASI) data already, Amer has been working on it.

Amer has contacted the PI and asked for copies of the DEM and vector layers.

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