Teledyne Optech Galaxy LIDAR

The LiDAR system, for data collected in 2022 onwards, is a Teledyne Optech Galaxy. This includes a full waveform measurement option.

The Galaxy operates with a class 4 laser with radiation at 1064 nm. It has up to 8 range measurements per pulse and a PRF of 50 khz to 1 Mhz (programmable). The scan angle (FOV) ranges from 10 to 60 degrees and it has a maximum scan frequency of 120 Hz.

Specification summary

A lot of the system specs can be (and are) changed to tailor for individual flight purposes. If you need to know certain parameters that have been used for a specific flight that are not included in the delivery documents then please contact us. The listed parameters here are min/max values - not necessarily used for a specific collection.

Wavelength (nm) 1064
Beam divergence (mr) 0.25
Max FOV (degrees) 60
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