Fenix1k Hyperspectral Sensor

The Fenix1k sensor is a visible to short-wave infra-red hyperspectral instrument manufactured by ​Specim. It has essentially the same as the Fenix instrument but has a larger detector resulting in higher spatial resolution.

Raw data format

The Fenix1k data is captured as ENVI format BIL files (a pair of .hdr and .raw), with an associated nav file (usually one nav file per flight line) and .log file (details of dropped scans). The .hdr files are ASCII text files where as the .raw and .nav are binary data files. The .nav file may be an ASCII file depending on the navigation system used.

The Fenix1k .raw data files contain 12-bit data (values of 0-4095) stored as 16-bit integer for the VNIR data, and 16-bit data (values 0-65535) for the SWIR data. At the end of the raw file, after data capture for this flight line, a number of lines of data are captured with the shutter closed. These lines are referred to as "dark lines" and give sensor ccd values for when no light is present.

The .nav files are a collection of different 'messages'. These contain the real-time position and attitude of the aircraft as well as periodic time stamps marking the start of the flight line capture.

Specifications for Fenix1k

Detector size (combined + binned VNIR) 1024*594 (with VNIR binned @ 2x2)
Bit depth (of sensor analog-to-digital converter) 12 bit VNIR, 16 bit SWIR
Spatial pixels 1024
Spectral pixels 594: 348 VNIR + 246 SWIR
Spectral sampling 1.7nm (VNIR), 6.3nm (SWIR)
Nominal spectral range (prior to calibration) 380-2500nm
Central pixel number 512.0
Field of View (FOV) 40.0 degrees
IFOV 0.039 degrees
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