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#555 fixed RG13/06, flight day 288/2014, Danum Valley dap

Data location: /users/rsg/arsf/arsf_data/2014/flight_data/malaysia/RG13_06-2014_288_Danum_Valley

Data arrived by network transfer on 17/12/2014.

Scientific objective: Investigating the impact of humans on tropical forests.

Priority: alpha 5

PI: David Coomes

Although Owl data are present, proj_tidy suggests that we do not have dark frame information for the following header files:

  • David_Coomes_Safe_0124.hdr
  • David_Coomes_Safe_0125.hdr
  • David_Coomes_Safe_0126.hdr
  • David_Coomes_Safe_0127.hdr
  • David_Coomes_Safe_0128.hdr


  • Fenix (requested)
  • Leica FW LIDAR (?)
  • Leica LIDAR (requested)
  • RCD (requested)
#572 fixed RG12/11, flight day 100/2015, Lincolnshire dac

Data location: ~/arsf/arsf_data/2015/flight_data/uk/RG12_11-2015_100_Lincolnshire

Data arrived from ARSF via network transfer on 20/04/2015.

Scientific objective: Generation of high quality land cover maps for input into Land Surface Models (LSMs).

Priority: grade alpha4/medium (8/9)

PI: Mathias Disney


  • Fenix (requested)
  • Leica LIDAR (requested)
  • Leica LiDAR FW (not specified)
  • RCD (requested)
#457 fixed RG12/10, flight day 250/2012, Luton Bedford knpa knpa

Data location: /users/rsg/arsf/arsf_data/2012/flight_data/uk/RG12_10-2012_250_Luton_Bedford

Data arrived from ARSF via SATA disk on 24/09/2012

RG12/10 Scientific objective:

RG12/10 Priority: a4h

PI: Karen Anderson

Notes: Lidar (incl. FW) is of the higest priority, followed by RCD, followed by HS)


Camera (30/01/2013) Eagle (30/01/2013) Hawk (30/01/2013) LiDAR (30/01/2013) FW Lidar (30/01/2013)

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