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#11 fixed SCbedit & BSEQ/BIL external files in azgcorr mggr mggr

Just a tracker ticket for an issue found in #2. azgcorr wasn't handling the SCbedit vector correctly when BSEQ/BIL files were used.

Reported to Bill 18/May and fixed over the weekend in release 106. Some notes from Bill's email:

Updated azgcorr.481 by separate email.

SCbedit now works as advertised with the limitation that it only works for the first 16 bands of a data set (because it uses an unsigned int). It was originally only put in for the ATM anyway.

The "distortion" was because I had forgotten for BIL/BSEQ input to move the file when a line was skipped, so after each skipped line the image would shuffle up.

So now for CASI and Specim data the only option is the whole frame is skipped if it is flagged. This makes sense because with a CCD sensor it would be pretty unlikely to have a whole row dead, columns maybe but not rows.

The default in azgcorr.48* is if there is NO -be  the SCbedit vector is used;  if there is a -be then SCbedit is not used and no lines/scans are ignored. 

This needs testing

#13 fixed Updates to ARSF website gaew mggr

Carl has said he can do something about this, but we (Steve ;) ) probably need to make a formal emailed request. The main reason is to update the data processing pages so the contact details and software versions are correct.

Particular pages that need updating:

  • Contacts page
  • Data subpages
    • Processing schedule - remove? point to PML? PML to update?
    • Processing software - content fine, but azgcorr & azexhdf links out of date, move this somewhere else or ensure we know who to tell to update it?
    • FTP site - instructions fine, contact needs updating (to who?), FTP site may need maintaining by someone (Amer can do this?)
  • Operations
    • flowchart - might need an update, but not important
    • flying schedule - this is for 2005, remove?
#20 fixed CD covers and CD label anee mggr

Need to create these (base on Ivana's if you can find them).

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