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#87 fixed Aznav omits initial 0 on grid references starting with 0 benj benj

As title - if aznav processes a line that starts or ends on a grid reference where one component starts with 0 (eg NZ 0429 9739 - Harwood line 6 end), on display it omits the initial zero and displays a three-digit number instead of a four-digit number (eg NZ 429 9739). This can be confusing, though it appears to process correctly.

#88 fixed Restricting level 1 processing by scan line causes error mggr anee

The use of -l in azspec produces a blank image if anything than a start line of 0 is used. The end line number does seem to produce the correct effect however.

Same problem also occurs in azatm (causes errors saying "scan jump from: 0 to 191119 scan : 191119 rejected"). Same option in azcas2 seems to work correctly.

#89 fixed BGS07/02, flight day 248/2007, Latera mggr mggr

Data location: ~arsf/arsf_data/in_progress/2007/flight_data/med/BGS07_02-2007_248_Latera

Data arrived from ARSF via 2 day FTP download completing on 10 Jan 2008.

Scientific details: Details of application not available at PML, but basically was to measure ground CO2 release by remote sensing.

PI: Jonathan Pearce / Stuart Marsh / Luke Bateson @ BGS


  • ATM
  • CASI (delivered 26/03/2008)
  • Eagle (delivered 26/03/2008)
  • Hawk (delivered 26/03/2008)



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