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#161 fixed NL08/01, flight day 132/2008, Eucaari mggr mark1

Data location: ~arsf/arsf_data/in_progress/2008/flight_data/other/NL08_01-2008_132_Eucaari

Data arrived from ARSF via initial SATA disk transfer on 20th May 2008

Scientific details: see ~arsf/arsf_data/in_progress/2008/ARSF_Applications/GB_and_NL/NL08-01 - Science Case.pdf

PI: H. Coe


  • ATM
  • Eagle
  • Hawk



#78 fixed NEODC archiving mggr mggr

Arrange for 2006 datasets to be archived at NEODC.

So far, discussed with Victoria the general requirements (no funny characters) and overall structure.

Now we need to check what Victoria has (I have a listing) vs. what we have vs. what Kidlington has and coordinate all this.

Note that we don't handle the Eagle/Hawk currently - this is being done by Andrew.

#558 fixed MA14/21, flight day 296/2014, Sepilok dap

Data location: ~arsf/arsf_data/2014/flight_data/malaysia/MA14_21-2014_296_Sepilok

Data arrived from ARSF via network transfer on 05/01/2015.

Scientific objective: Quantifying the accuracy of current estimates of forest biomass by combining data retrieved from state-of-the-art ground-based laser scanner with airborne data.

PI: Mathias Disney

All Fenix header files have large differences between their fps_set and fps_qpf values (differences are between 0.278 and 0.673).

Basestation data are in DBX format.

OWL data were not collected.


  • Fenix (requested)
  • LiDAR (requested)
  • FW LiDAR (requested)
  • RCD (not requested)
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