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#21 fixed Support: 05/May/2007, John McArthur, ? amro amro
   Our SUN SOLARIS workstations have finally given up the ghost, and died on us.  I've since arranged with our IT section for a Linux based platform running 'uhbunto'. 

        I downloded an 'arcgcorr' file from your site   Yet I get the following error message.

        jnm1@d201241: ~/Desktop/test1 jnm1@d201241:~/Desktop/test1$ ./azgcorr

azgcorr  -- ver: 4.5.9-lin Jan 12 2006   (C) Azimuth Systems UK 1996, 2006


 TO:  Jun   using system  d201241  with serial number bfb4faa0

 ***  Warning: the licensed period of this program  ***
 ***  ended on:       -900/00/2007     please contact ***
 ***  NERC-ARSF for an update and more details.     ***
 ***      (C) Azimuth Systems UK 1996, 2005         ***

        Is there another version I can tryout on my Linux box?   
 Hi Peter,
                Sorry to bother you, but I'd sent an e-mail to Ivana, and I've received an e-mail saying undeliverable.

        Could you possibly forward my request below to whomsover is responsible for the 'azgcorr' convertion software.

        Thanking you,
                John McArthur. 
#22 fixed Acquire Applanix software amro mggr

We have the USB dongles. Need to get hold of the Applanix software. Apparently this can be downloaded from their website, but we're missing a login & password. Amer has asked Carl/Dave for this. If we can't get it that way, we may need to contact Applanix (Nico = see internal contact details page).

Leaving for a bit to see if Amer gets a response from Dave/Carl.

#36 fixed WM2006/07, flight day 159/2006 amro mggr

This one is one of the 2006 datasets that hasn't been delivered but wasn't known about - the PI, Prof. Keith Richard (see internal contact details page for email), contacted us directly after receiving the 157 data we did know about.

We appear to have the (CASI) data already, Amer has been working on it.

Amer has contacted the PI and asked for copies of the DEM and vector layers.

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