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#328 fixed user controled height colouring emca chrfi

it has become clear that trying to automatically remove high and low out liers from the colour generation is hard and complex. therefore a better method is to allow the user to control the height range the program uses when generating colours. anything above or below this height range is defaulted to the max or min value. this allows the user to remove outliers and also choose which height cross section they want to focus on (giving them higher colour resolution in the smaller height range)

preferable a pop out window, very small, with a couple of arrow buttons and text feild. the value is capped to the highest and lowest values and the max and min can be changed indipendantly (don't forget to prevent them making the min higher than the max)

#334 fixed colour by height cross section scroll emca chrfi

it is currently possible to manually set the minimum and maximum for the colour by height range. it would be nice if it was possible once a certain height range is picked to be able to scroll this range up and down (essentially incrementing the min and max at the same time with a single option) (plus it looks like a cat scan :) ... or is it mri )

#542 fixed MA14/16, flight day 241/2014, Bosnia dac

Data location: /users/rsg/arsf/arsf_data/2014/flight_data/malaysia/MA14_16-2014_241_Sarajavo

Data arrived from ARSF via network transfer on 19/12/2014

MA14/16 Scientific objective: Unknown

MA14/16 Priority: a4m

PI: Andy Ford

Notes: No RCD data Large difference between fps_set and fps_qpf


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