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#285 fixed ET07/01, flight day 300b/2009, Afar south knpa benj

Data location: ~arsf/arsf_data/2009/flight_data/ethiopia/ET07_01-2009_300b_Afar_south

Data arrived from ARSF via SATA disk Y on 4th Nov. 2009.

Scientific objective: /users/rsg/arsf/arsf_data/2008/ARSF_Applications/Ethiopia/ET07_01\ -\ Dr\ Wright.pdf

Priority: alpha-5

PI: Tim Wright

2009 Ethiopia campaign, reflown from 2007


  • Eagle (12/02/2010)
  • Hawk (12/02/2010)
  • Leica LIDAR (12/02/2010)
  • Digital Photography (26/02/2010)
  • TABI (to be processed by University of Athens)
#287 fixed Azspec adds extra blank lines to the end of some level 1 files benj benj

Some Eagle and Hawk lines, when processed through azspec, acquire extra blank lines on the end of the level 1 file. Header dimensions are correct for the file as expected (not as it actually is) and ENVI just silently truncates what it's displaying, so this hasn't been noticed before. Became noticeable using fastQC for delivery checking. The actual data values for the data in the file are unaffected (values are very similar to those obtained through CaliGeo).

Fixed promptly by Bill when reported, working from azspec.1.2.10. Raising (and closing) this ticket purely for tracking purposes. Use (attached) to chop blank lines off the end of affected level 1 BIL files.

#289 fixed Orthorectification and seamlining of RCD photos mggr mggr

People at RSPSoc strongly expressed a wish to have orthorectified photos. This is a huge chunk of work and very manual to do the full process using the Leica workflow. Other workflows may improve this, e.g.

similar helped a lot

  • John Stevenson managed some of this with GRASS

ARSF-DAN agreed to investigate this as a background, low priority task. In particular, it may be worth considering a halfway house (tiepointing & colocating, which can be automatically done, but not seamlining, which is intensively manual at present).

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