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#53 fixed CEH2007/01 (GB2007/12), flight day 240/2007, Buckingham mggr mggr

Data location: ~arsf/arsf_data/in_progress/2007/flight_data/uk/CEH2007_01-2007_240_Buckingham

Data arrived from ARSF via second SATA disk transfer at the start of Sept.

Scientific details:

  • Spectral analysis of UK peatland fires via airborne remote sensing: detection of 'flaming' k-emission lines and mapping of plume trace gases
  • ~/arsf_data/in_progress/2007/ARSF_Applications-GB_2007/GB07-12_Application_and_science_case.pdf
#54 fixed GB2007/05, flight day 116a/2007, Windermere mggr mggr

Data location: ~arsf/arsf_data/in_progress/2007/flight_data/uk/GB2007_05-2007_116a_Windermere

Data arrived from ARSF via initial SATA disk transfer in June.

Scientific details: Data to inform models of potentially toxic cyanobacterial blooms in lakes. See ~arsf/arsf_data/in_progress/2007/ARSF_Applications-GB_2007/GB07-05_*pdf

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  • ATM (Delivered 23/April/2008)
  • Eagle (Delivered 19/March/2008)
  • Hawk (Delivered 23/April/2008)
#56 fixed Support: 01/Oct/2007, Johanna Breyer, GB06-11 mggr mggr
I am a PhD student at Aberystwyth university and received some CASI data
from you this June and while finally coming round to processing it, I
have come across the problems underlined below.
If you could give me some advice on this problem I would be very grateful.
Thank you and best wishes,


The CASI imagery for lake Vyrnwy has been processed using the azgcorr
software version 4.7.9 (April 9 2007). But when the images are
processed they are flipped as shown in the attached image
(c219013a.jpg), for comparison see the attached screenshot sent with   the
original data (219-casi-mosaic.png). We have experimented with   the
command but cannot seem to fix the problem. The following command   (the
same as the readme file) was used to generate the attached

./bin/azgcorr -v -mUK99 ./misc/osgb02.cgrf -bl 5 3 2 -1 -p 2 2 -1 ./
lev1/c219011b.hdf  -3 ./lev3/c219013a.hdf

The DEM has been removed as we have a problem with it as the output   file
from the azgcorr process is blank when the DEM is included. We   are not
sure whether this is because of the flipping problem or
another separate problem.

In addition please find attached the exported details from the input and
output hdf files.
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