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EU10/03, flight day 238a/2010, Lake Balaton East Area — at Initial Version

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Data location: ~arsf/workspace/EU10_03-2010_235a_Lake_Balaton_East_Area

Data arrived from ARSF via SATA disk Q on 15/09/2010.

Scientific objective: Lake Balaton provides an ideal area for testing emerging algorithms on retrieval of in-water constituents and on mapping bloom-forming cyanobacteria using in-situ radiometric, airborne and satellite data.

Priority: a5

PI: Andrew Tyler

Note: Data is currently symlinked from ~arsf/arsf_data/2010/flight_data/archive_overflow and when this is resolved the symlinks will need to be re-directed.


  • Eagle
  • Hawk
  • Leica LIDAR
  • Digital Photography

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