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#557 closed flight processing

MA14/21, flight day 283/2014, Danum Valley — at Initial Version

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Priority: whenever Milestone: 2014 data processing completion
Component: Processing: general Keywords:
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Data location: /users/rsg/arsf/arsf_data/2014/flight_data/malaysia/MA14_21-2014_283_Danum_Valley

Data arrived from ARSF via network transfer on 19/12/2014.

Scientific objective: Unknown

Priority: Currently unfunded

PI: Mathias Disney

Note that this project directory contains the LiDAR and navigation data collected from the aborted flight 283a as well as the LiDAR and navigation data collected from flight 283b. The data relevant for this project are the ones collected in flight 283b. See the logsheet for more details.


  • Fenix (?)
  • Leica LiDAR FW (?)
  • Leica LIDAR (?)
  • RCD (?)

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