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    3636You also require proj of at least version 4.8.0, the source code is available online, but be warned that as of the time of writing this doesn't compile out-of-the-box. It will compile, but requires minor adjustments to one source file and possibly the Makefile.
     38== LAS Files ==
     40LAS files can be written with the las12_las format specifier, which makes use of the las12 module. This is a minimal module made to provide access to the basic data types used in the LAS 1.2 format. When the las12_las format is specified the wrapper script will detect this and generate a header using the lashwrite program. Be warned that '''this is not strictly a good practice''', since it relies on the close co-operation of two pieces of software which ought to be interchangeable. With the header written, the main program will simply tack the data onto the end of the given LAS file, then seek backwards and update any relevant metadata.
     42Ideally in future this would be implemented entirely in the C program. The reason this isn't the case now is because of the effort involved in passing meta data into and around the program. This kind of problem weighs in favour of implementing a reader for .cfg files in alsproc and allowing components in the program to query the reader as they require. Otherwise, the maintainer will face the problem of keeping within the character limit for each line of Bash in passing arguments into alsproc directly via command line. This kind of solution is part of a bigger discussion which has not yet been resolved, justifying the semi-temporary solution currently in-place.
    3944== Subversion ==