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Hyperspectral Data Delivery Contents

This page describes the file formats and delivery structure used in the hyperspectral data deliveries.

Delivery Structure

A standard delivery directory contains the following sub directories:

  • dem - Contains a Digital Elevation Model suitable for use with APL
  • doc - Contains a copy of the most recent data quality report
  • flightlines - Contains the level-1 data
    • fodis - Contains radiometrically calibrated FODIS data. This is only present if Eagle data has been collected.
    • level1b - Contains radiometrically calibrated image data and mask files.
    • line_information - Contains XML files (1 per flight line) describing the data and flight line information
    • navigation - Contains post-processed synchronised navigation data
  • logsheet - Contains a logsheet that gives a brief overview of the flown project
  • project_information - Contains an XML file describing the project information
  • screenshots - Contains JPEG files of level-3 processed data including mosaics.
  • sensor_FOV_vectors - Contains field of view sensor vector files required for APL geocorrection

Digital Elevation Model

Band Sequential (BSQ) ENVI format binary data file. Projection in WGS-84 latitude and longitude, heights relative to the WGS-84 spheroid. ASCII text header file containing the required information to read the binary data.