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Software Downloads

Restricted downloads

Please contact us for a password allowing access to the restricted downloads. For files where both dynamically and statically linked versions are available, you are advised to try the dynamic version first and then try the static version if that doesn't work.

Data collected from 2011 onwards

For data collected in 2011 onwards, please use the apl-suite to process your data.


For documentation on usage please see the documents page.

GRASS scripts to convert DEM formats into APL supported format:

For information about the development of APL please see the development pages.

Data collected prior to 2011

Use the azgcorr software to process data collected prior to 2011.

Most up-to-date version of azgcorr

  • Static build: azgcorr 6.02.32
    • Best for all distributions of linux: fedora, debian, ubuntu, suse; try this if you are running an old operating system and are getting library errors with the dynamic version.
  • Dynamic build: azgcorr 6.02.32
    • Best for modern Debian and Ubuntu releases. Does NOT work on Fedora 14 or 18.
  • azexhdf 3.2.9

Unrestricted downloads

  • None currently available