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Q: My azgcorr has expired, where can I get a new one?


Due to the regularity of updates and to enforce licensing constraints, azgcorr has an expiry date built into it. If your azgcorr expires, you'll see a message like:

azgcorr  -- ver: 4.9.11-lin Jan 13 2009   (C) Azimuth Systems UK 1996, 2009

 TO:  mggr   using system  with serial number ff88ed54
 ***  Warning: the licensed period of this program  ***
 ***  ended on:       22/02/2009     please contact ***
 ***  NERC-ARSF for an update and more details.     ***
 ***      (C) Azimuth Systems UK 1996, 2008         ***

If you have an original distribution copy (i.e. you were PI on an ARSF flight), you should have login details for an FTP site containing updates. If you have acquired your data via NEODC (or if you don't have these details), you'll need to contact us. Please email us at arsf-processing -at-

Regrettably we cannot publish the login details on a public wiki.

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