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Added note on no longer having azgcor licence

Q: My azgcorr has expired, where can I get a new one?


NERC-ARF no longer have a licence to supply azgcorr, for new data the in house Airborne Processing Library (APL) is supplied for data processing. If you need to process older data in HDF format there are two options:

  1. Contact NERC-ARF to enquire about reprocessing for use in APL. Note there might be a charge for this service. For some flights (in particular those acquired after 2008) data may have already been reprocessed.
  2. Purchase your own individual licence of azgcorr.

If your azgcorr expires, you'll see a message like:

azgcorr  -- ver: 4.9.11-lin Jan 13 2009   (C) Azimuth Systems UK 1996, 2009

 TO:  mggr   using system  with serial number ff88ed54
 ***  Warning: the licensed period of this program  ***
 ***  ended on:       22/02/2009     please contact ***
 ***  NERC-ARSF for an update and more details.     ***
 ***      (C) Azimuth Systems UK 1996, 2008         ***


If you have access to your own licence and updated version you need to ensure you install the new azgcorr in the right place on your system. When you run azgcorr, you should see a version line like:

azgcorr  -- ver: 4.9.18 May 27 2009   (C) Azimuth Systems UK 1996, 2009

If this version number doesn't match the one you downloaded, you're still running the old version. Try running "which azgcorr" to see where your current azgcorr is being run from, then replace that with the new one.

Alternatively, if you don't want to delete the old one or don't have access, you can run a specific version by putting the full path to the executable, e.g. "/where/you/put/azgcorr.4918 -p 5 5 -1 c192a011b.hdf -3 c192a011b-3.hdf"

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