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Q: What are the bandwidths/band centres of my data?


For Eagle and Hawk data, the easiest way to obtain these is from the associated header files. These can be read using any text editor and contain both the bandwidth and band-centre information for the file. Note that although one of the items is labelled "FWHM", this is misleading - the numbers actually give the bandwidth of each band, not the full-width-half-maximum. The true FWHM numbers are unavailable at this time.

For ATM you can obtain the band information from the ARSF website at

CASI's bandset is variable (and unlike Eagle and Hawk it doesn't come with header files), so it is necessary to extract the information from the HDF (you can also do this for Eagle, Hawk and ATM if you want to). The information is held in the "CAwavc" and "CAwavh" VData items, holding respectively the band-centre and bandwidth information for the file.

You can view these with azexhdf using the following commands:

azexhdf -h <input_file> -hd CAwavc -v 999
azexhdf -h <input_file> -hd CAwavh -v 999

...replacing <input_file> with the name of the file you're interested in.

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