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Do the ARSF generate a DTM/DSM from LiDAR data?

A common product for users to create from LiDAR data is a Digital Surface Model (DSM), which represents the elevation at the top of buildings / forest canopy and a Digital Terrain Model (DTM) which is the 'bare Earth' elevation (i.e., it doesn't include the height of buildings or vegetation).

We supply a LiDAR DSM patched with a courser resolution elevation model (normally ASTER) for use in APL for processing hyperspectral data. However, we don't provide a DTM.

There are a number of software packages capable of creating DTMs and DSMs from the point cloud files we deliver (see our links page) and we recommend users spend some time looking at which package / algorithm produces the best results for their application. Although we are unable to provide help with specific software packages we can provide general advice on creating a DTM/DSM if needed.

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