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Q: What is the content of the delivered RCD event file?


The RCD event file as delivered in the standard ARSF-DAN Camera delivery contains post-processed data relating to each of the included photographs. It is a comma separated spreadsheet with the following columns:

ImageName GPSTime Latitude Longitude Altitude Omega Phi Kappa Xstd Ystd Zstd Ostd Pstd Kstd Pitch Roll Heading
  • ImageName gives the name of the file that the record refers to.
  • GPSTime is the time that the photograph was captured.
  • Latitude / Longitude / Altitude describe the position of the camera sensor at time of photograph capture.
  • Omega / Phi / Kappa describe the exterior angle rotations about the x, y, z axes respectively.
  • Xstd / Ystd / Zstd / Ostd / Pstd / Kstd are the standard deviations from the calculation of Omega / Phi / Kappa.
  • Pitch / Roll / Heading describe the aircraft attitude at photograph capture.