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In-house developed scripts

This is a list of scripts that have been developed at ARSF-DAN to aid in processing and handling of the data. As these may be useful for further processing of ARSF data descriptions are included here. If you have an interest in using one of these scripts, or would like to know if one would be useful for what you are trying to do, then please [ contact us] and we can supply them to you with limited help.

Please note that these are specifically designed for processing using linux systems as set up at ARSF-DAN. There are no guarantees that they will work with other system set ups. Some scripts are simply just wrappers for using other free packages (such as liblas or LAStools). A lot of these scripts are only suitable for working on raw data and not the standard delivered level-1 data.


Name Description
check_ascii_lidar(.sh) checks ascii lidar for erronous data
classify_las for auto-classifying noise get's first return only import an ascii point cloud into grass
lag a lidar point cloud viewer merge two las files create a smaller las file by skipping points read from another las file classify a whole las file a single number makes DEMs and intensity mosaics from ascii lidar files


Name Description spectrally bins (x2) a hyperspectral raw file Generates a calibration curve in each band given input data in BIL or BSQ format and a known lamp file Works out the corrected value for frame shift smear at a given band assuming a constant DN value through the spectrum Test specified Eagle/Hawk framerates against actual framerates calculated from qpfTiming Matches measured spectral lines to fityk-detected peaks and eagle/hawk pixel numbers for use in spectral calibration Truncates BIL files so that the file size matches what the header file says it should Replaces a broken line counter on the first band of eagle and hawk
fastQC QC viewer of BIL data files Generates bandset (.prn, .bnd, .wls) files from a wavelength scale file Generates a synthetic Eagle or Hawk calibration file Generates a synthetic Eagle or Hawk dataset Generates a synthetic SBET file Generates a .prn file from some subset of bands in a given .wls file Gets North/South/East/West extent of (part of) an SBET file in lat/lon Outputs mean altitude, heading and speed from an SBET file for a number of Eagle or Hawk lines Script to convert GeoTIFFs into JPGs using GRASS and create a mosaic image
nav2txt Output contents of an AISA nav file to an ASCII text file split a line from it's dark frames
splitline split eagle and hawk flightlines split nav files Searches Eagle/Hawk raw files for dropped frames by looking at the band 1 frame counter


Name Description corrects image event files using sol/sbet converts TIF files to thumbnails


Name Description generates a DEM from ASTER data using GRASS generates a DEM from nextmapdata using GRASS

Python Libraries

Name Description reads AISA band files BIL/BSQ reading/writing library functions to manipulate SBET files and Specim nav files sol reading library