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Useful Links

This page lists software and web pages that you may find useful. Obviously plenty of other software exists and may be useful, but these are some of the ones we know of and have found useful.



  • LAG Github page for our in-house LIDAR viewer
  • LASTools Toolbox for processing of LiDAR data
  • LibLAS C/C++ library for reading/writing LAS files
  • SPDLib Open source library for storing and processing discrete and full waveform LiDAR data. Supports reading/writing LAS and ASCII files.
  • SPD 3D Points Viewer Tool for 3D visualisation of LiDAR data in SPD format.
  • Faisdodo An open-source IDL reader/writer for LAS files


  • APL Github page for our in-house hyperspectral processing code
  • ATCOR Program for atmospheric correction of spectral remote sensing data


  • ENVI Commercial geospatial image viewer
  • TuiView Open source geospatial image viewer
  • GDAL Geospatial Data Abstraction Library. An open source library for reading/writing common raster formats. Also provides a number of command line utilities for converting file formats, reprojecting data, creating mosaics etc.