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     1== Configure ==
     2The configuration file is made with the program. It will examine your current working directory and derive a project directory, from which it will determine the best available calibration to base your configuration file on, and populate it with information derived from your flightlines. This can take a while, as it needs to perform a cursory check on all of the raw data.
     9airborne@pmpc1322:/users/rsg/arsf/arsf_data/2013/flight_data/uk/RG12_09-2013_121_Wessex# ~besm/local/alsproc/scripts/
     10Gathering details about project...
     11Using calibration file (/users/rsg/arsf/calibration/lidar/20130219/als50.cfg)...
     12Collating details for .cfg file...
     13Writing .cfg file
     14Scanning flightline 130501_093511... ok
     15Scanning flightline 130501_094820... ok
     16Scanning flightline 130501_100234... ok
     17Scanning flightline 130501_101637... ok
     18Scanning flightline 130501_102953... ok
     19Scanning flightline 130501_104304... ok
     20Scanning flightline 130501_105631... ok
     21Scanning flightline 130501_113351... ok
     22Scanning flightline 130501_114825... ok
     23Scanning flightline 130501_120434... ok
     24Scanning flightline 130501_121952... ok
     25Scanning flightline 130501_123433... ok
     26Scanning flightline 130501_125655... not ok, check failed on duration
     27all done
     30Flightlines which alsproc thinks it might not be able to process based on this check will be flagged here, as in the case of the last flightline, and not be marked to be processed.
     32Next, edit the .cfg file created as a result. If you did not specify, it will be under processing/als50/.
     34Fields of particular interest to you as a data processor are:
     35* output-format - can normally be left as the default
     36* '''projection''' - will need to be set per-flight depending on where the flight is based (TODO: VERIFY)
     37* output_dir - default is probably fine, but it can be useful to change, especially when working on the pitch and roll values later
     38* '''sol-file''' - change this to the location of the sol file created during navigation processing
     39* '''sup-file''' - as with the sol file
     41You will then see a section for each flightline. process_line should be set to true for each flightline unless there was some problem, in which case the maintainer for alsproc should be contacted.
     44output-file = %(output_dir)s/ldr110618_090736.las
     45process_line = true
     47# GMT 09:07:52 to 09:08:39, 47.3 seconds
     48start-time = 1640,551272.000006
     49end-time = 1640,551319.282274
     50delta-avg-diff = 0.000006667852
     51scanner-fov = 18.932618
     52scan-rate = 58.214212
     53multi-pulse = false
     57== Generate ==
     58Alsproc is fed its arguments with the wrapper script, which also handles certain LiDAR preformatting if using las12_las.
     59{{{ processing/als50/2013121.cfg
     63Log files will be kept for each flightline in the directory specified by log_dir in the configuration file, for your use if alsproc should suffer from some processing error.
     65== Pitch and Roll Errors ==
     66<how to prh correct>