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Digital Camera Delivery

Now that the processing has been completed the delivery can be made. This, as with the hyperspectral and lidar, uses the arsf_delivery_library together with the convenience script An example usage, run from the base directory of the project: --projectlocation $PWD --deliverytype camera --steps STRUCTURE

check that the output looks correct, and if so repeat with --final. This creates an empty structure. Then run: --projectlocation $PWD --deliverytype camera --notsteps STRUCTURE

This will do a dry-run on the camera delivery and output information clearly labelled for each step. If this script outputs no error messages, repeat with --final.

Creating the Read me

  • Generate the readme config file using: -r camera -d delivery/*camera* as airborne.
  • Edit the config (should be located in processing directory). Remember to add information on any photos which could not be tagged fully, or any images which look like they have anomalies or over/under exposure. To add new line characters enter '
    '. Tagtype should be "full" if photos have been tagged with pos/att information or "min" if only tagged with project details. If both types are present in the delivery then use full and in the "data_quality_remarks" section add a sentence explaining which photos have been unable to be tagged with pos/att and why. Line_numbering should contain a space separated list of names/numbers identifying flight lines.
  • Create the LaTeX TeX file. To create the TeX file run the script from the processing directory with the -f option, giving the location and name of the config file generated above. This is editable in any text editor and can be manually edited to correct mistakes or insert new text
  • Convert the TeX file into a PDF file. This is done using the command pdflatex <TeXFile> and should create a file named Read_me-<TODAYSDATE>.pdf. If you get an error about missing .sty files, then yum install whatever is missing. For example, if you get complaints about supertabular.sty being missing, do yum install texlive-supertabular.
  • It is advisable to keep the TeX file somewhere safe until after the delivery has been checked in case some changes to the Read_me need to be made (the TeX file should not be part of the delivery).