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    33Once the data has been processed, it needs to be put into a delivery directory. This is the final file structure in which it will be sent to the customer.
     5== Scripted procedure ==
     7Use the script to make the delivery directory. Run it from within the main project directory. By default it runs in dry run mode. Make sure the only lev3's in the georeferencing/mapped directory are the sct correct versions.
     9Use --final if happy with what it says it will do. Use -m <config> to generate screenshots and mosaics
     11Note: this script automatically moves over the contents of the DEM directory. You will need to revert this if this is a nextmap DEM as these shouldn't be delivered, and include an ASTER DEM instead.
     13==== Making the Readme ====
     15To make the readme first generate the readme config file using
     17` -d <delivery directory> -r hyper -c <config_file>`
     19The readme config file will be saved as hyp_genreadme-airbone.cfg in the processing directory, do not delete this file as it is required for delivery checking. Check all the information in the readme config file is correct, if not change it. 
     21Then create a readme tex file using: ` -f <readme_config_file>`
     23Finally run `latex <readme_tex_file>` to create the PDF readme. This readme should be placed in the main delivery folder. 
     25== Manual procedure ==
     27The following is a more manual procedure that is only required if the scripts above fail.
    529 1. Create quicklook jpegs.