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    33Once the data has been processed, it needs to be put into a delivery directory. This is the final file structure in which it will be sent to the customer.
    5  1. Create quicklook jpgs. This is the new improved scripted approach, if for any reason this fails do it manually by using ENVI, taking screenshots and cropping them using gimp.
     5 1. Create quicklook jpgs. Make a delivery called 'jpgs' and move them there when finished (this is where will look for them)
     6   1. Create a directory called 'jpgs' to hold the images that will be created.
    67   1. Use script
    78     1. Open a terminal window in the lev3 directory under the project workspace
    1819     1. Run ` -d ./ -a` - If this runs out of memory try again without the -a. You can also run on individual files instead of on a directory by using -s <filename> instead of -d ./
    1920     1. Create mosaics separately using ENVI (or whatever other method).
     21   1. If all else fails, open tifs in ENVI, take screenshots and crop them using gimp. Envi also has mosaicking abilities.
    2022 1. Create the delivery directory: run Check it's created everything you expect correctly. If it fails, you can create the directory manually as follows:
    2123   1. In the project directory in the workspace, create a directory called "delivery". Within this create a directory named after the date as YYYYMMDD, and within this create one named after the project code.