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     1== Thermal Data Delivery ==
     3Once the data has been processed, it needs to be put into a delivery directory. This is the final file structure in which it will be sent to the customer.
     5== Delivery Script ==
     7From the base directory of the project generate the structure using:
     9{{{ --projectlocation $PWD \
     11                      --deliverytype owl --steps STRUCTURE
     13If everything looks OK run again with `--final`
     15Once the structure has been generated run the other steps using:
     16{{{ --projectlocation $PWD \
     18                      --deliverytype owl --notsteps STRUCTURE
     20Again pass in `--final` if the output all looks OK.
     22See the [wiki:Procedures/DeliveryCreation/pythonlibrary delivery library guide] for more details on advanced options.
     24== Readme Generation ==
     26To make the readme first generate the readme config file using
     28{{{ -d <delivery directory> -r hyper -c <config_file>
     32The readme config file will be saved as hyp_genreadme-airbone_owl.cfg in the processing directory, do not delete this file as it is required for delivery checking. Check all the information in the readme config file is correct, if not change it. 
     34Then create a readme tex file using:
     35{{{ -f hyp_genreadme-airbone_owl.cfg
     39Finally run `pdflatex <readme_tex_file>` to create the PDF readme (you probably need to run this twice). This readme should be placed in the main delivery folder.