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Once the delivery has been checked (and corrected if necessary), the project directory (all of it, not just the delivery) should be r-synced back to the repository (the ~arsf/arsf_data/... copy).

Check there is enough room in the repository beforehand. If not, put a note in the ticket and remember to r-sync it when there is room and record on the ticket when you have done so.

Before r-syncing, please tidy your project (use according to the layout detailed here and delete any unnecessary files.

  1. su to arsf
  2. cd to the relevant project directory under ~arsf/arsf_data/
  3. Run rsync -rptgoDv --dry-run <processing_directory>/ ./


rsync -rptgoDv --dry-run /users/rsg/airborne/workspace/IPY09_10-2009_217_Russell/ ./  [--exclude "<pattern>"]
  • Note trailing slashes on the <processing_directory>/ and ./ - these are important
  1. If there are any files in the list that shouldn't be rsynced back (eg. screenshots in the wrong place, test scripts, SYMLINKS), either delete them or take them out of the rsync by adding --exclude "<pattern>" e.g. --exclude "leica/raw_laser" Then re-run the dry-run rsync and check that the files to be excluded are no longer in the list.
    • It is critical not to copy "eagle", etc symlinks back to the archive as you'll overwrite the raw data! The above command should not copy any symlinks over but DOUBLE CHECK the dry-run list.
    • IMPORTANT - Many processed RCD tiffs that have been copied to the repository have been altered. R-sync will therefore try to overwrite them. Make sure to use --exclude to skip this directory if the RCD delivery doesn't need to be copied
    • Careful not to --exclude 'dem' else the dem directory in the delivery folder will not be rsynced. Use "--exclude '/dem'" instead.
    • Yes, we do need to script this, but very carefully..
  2. Once you're happy with the list of files to be copied to the repository, re-run the rsync command without the --dry-run argument - this will actually copy the files.
  3. Put a comment in the ticket to say where you've rsynced the files back to and on what date.

The delivery is now ready to be sent.