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    6464The script will have produced 21 iterations of each flightline, with a range of sct values. SCT is a timing offset which affects the position and geometry of the image. Currently they range from -0.1 to 0.1 seconds. A tiff will have been produced for each version, which will be put in <project>/processing/hyperspectral/flightlines/georeferencing/mapped. You will need to go through these using gtviewer and find the image that looks correct, and note down the sct value. You usually determine the correct image by the amount of wobble in the image. Lines with an incorrect offset will cause kinks in straight lines such as roads where the plane trajectory wobbles. Selecting the image with the straight road is usually what is required.
    66 === Create final files ===
     66=== Creating final files ===
    6868The stage that creates the geolocated tiff's that you use to find SCTs deletes the original level 1 files after it's finished. You therefore need to use the config one more time to generate the full set of files for each flightline, using the correct SCT value. To do this, change the sctstart and sctend values so they are both the correct figure, then run again in the global section set `slow_mode = true`. Running this with will once again submit your lines to the gridnode and you should soon have all the files you require to make a delivery.