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Preparing a DVD

Burning the data

  1. create an iso image with mkisofs -R -udf -verbose -o /tmp/dvd.iso -V <PROJECTCODE-JULIANDAY> <delivery_directory>
  2. test the iso with sudo mount -o ro,loop /tmp/dvd.iso /mnt/tmp - mounts to /mnt/tmp, go look at it, then unmount with sudo umount /mnt/tmp (yes, that is umount not unmount). Create /mnt/tmp if it doesn't exist.
  3. if it's ok, burn to CD/DVD with sudo cdrecord dev=/dev/dvd -sao fs=100m driveropts=burnfree -v /tmp/dvd.iso
  4. clean up with rm /tmp/dvd.iso
  5. check the dvd on another machine (ideally Windows)


  1. open the CD template from ~arsf/arsf_data/2007/delivery/cd_covers/arsf_cd_label_gimp_editable.xcf in gimp
  2. lick on the text button in the toolbox, then click the GB... text and edit to reflect the correct project code
  3. save as a .bmp file somewhere, e.g. ~/ipy0708214ef.bmp
  4. Insert the disk (upside down) on the lightscribe machine (currently pmpc974) and run 4L-cli print /dev/sr0 ~/ipy0708214ef.bmp

If it appears to be stuck on "Starting up", it may still be burning - give it time to complete. For a dense full disk picture, wait at least 45mins!

If the drive seems wrong, try 4L-cli enumerate to list attached lightscribe compatible drives.

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