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Sending data to PI via FTP

  1. Find an empty FTP slot on the ARSF FTP server (internal access only), if there are not free slots ask someone with root to set one up with a new password:
  2. Hardlink the delivery using cp -rl to /users/rsg/arsf/arsf_data/ftp/arsf1 as airborne. Hardlinking rather than rsyncing / uploading via FTP saves space as we don't have multiple copies of the data.
  3. Log in to the FTP server and check the data are all there and accessible with the FTP login.
  4. Send the FTP server details in the letter to the PI, suggested text is:
    The login details are as follows:
    user: USER
    password: PASSWORD
    We have a guide for downloading data via FTP available from
    If you are having problems downloading data or the download is going to take a long time (more than 3 hours) please let us know and we will dispatch on a USB hard drive instead.