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    1212 1. (2008+?) a DEM file where we have one and can give it to the user
    1313 1. any ancillary files (spheroid separation grids for non-UK flights, OS GB correction factors, etc)
     14=== Scripted Approach ===
     15 1. Run the script to convert the level 3 Tiff files to jpgs.
     16   * This will convert all tiff files in directory to jpegs (keeping the tiffs as well)
     17     * -d <dir containg tiffs> -a     
     18   * This will only convert the file named filename
     19     * -f <filename> -a     
     20 1. Create the delivery directory using
     21   * <main project dir> <year> <proj-code>
     22   * e.g. ~mark/scratch/GB08_35-2008_Example/ 2008 GB08-35
     23   * This will create the delivery directory and populate it with the your lev1 directory files and the other usual directories. It will not copy the misc directory or separation grids nor a DEM as these are not supplied as default in the delivery. These can be manually copied from the below template directories. The lev1 files will be renamed as follows.  If the filename is xxx_gpt0.1.zzz the renamed file will be xxx.zzz. This is based on the default file name structure as example e129a121b_gpt0.0.bil. File names with more than 1 '_' or more than 2 '.' will be renamed incorrectly. (I'll make this more robust at some point).
     24 1. Copy the misc directory or other files (such as the jpgs) if required for the delivery.
     25 1. Ensure that an ASCII version of the logsheet exists in the project admin/ directory. To create one, start open office and save logsheet as .txt format.  Also ensure no other file in the admin dir as a .txt extension. Run the Read Me generation script
     26   * -d <main project directory> -D <DEM>
     27   * This should create a file named ReadMe.txt in your delivery folder. It WILL still need to be edited. Flight line numbers will need to be added to the table at the top of the read me, also any reference to vectors will have to changed as required. Please still read through the final read me to check for errors.
     28=== Manual Approach ===
    1529There are delivery template directories available (copy these and populate):
    1630 2006::