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    33== Preparation ==
    4 === What should be included ===
     4== What should be included - Hyperspectral deliveries ==
    55 1. level 1 data that has been mapped to level 3 successfully and verified as correctly geolocated (as far as possible).
    66 1. a readme file describing the contents of the delivery
    5050 1. ''(list of other things to change)''
     52== What should be included - LIDAR deliveries ==
     53 1. ASCII files of the LIDAR data
     54 1. flight logsheet
     55 1. readme file describing the data set + copyright notice
     56 1. screenshot of mosaic of all lines (full resolution) and zoomed image with vector overlay
     57 1. data quality report and further processing scripts
     58 1. DEM of the LIDAR data - usually gridded to 2m resolution
     60=== Procedure for creating a LIDAR data set delivery ===
     62 1. Copy the template directory over to the project directory
     63 1. Convert the LAS binary files into ASCII files, ensuring to output all the appropriate information
     64   * run `las2txt --parse txyzicra <lidarfilename> <outputfilename>` for each file, outputting to the ascii_laser directory
     65 1. Create a full resolution JPEG of a mosaic of all the LIDAR lines + a separate one with vector overlays and put in screenshot directory
     66 1. Go through the readme file and edit as required
     67   * Enter all the project details into the table at the top
     68   * Fill in the contents and change the line numbers as appropriate
     69   * Enter the projection and datum details - get these from ALS PP output dialog when processing.
     70   * UK flights should be Horizontal datum: ETRS89 Vertical Datum: Newlyn Projection: OSTN02 British National Grid
     71   * Insert statistics for each line: `lasinfo --check <lidarfilename>` then cut/paste the required information
     72   * Check the accuracy of data vs vectors and estimate the average offset, also the average elevation offset between neighbouring lines
     73 1. ensure readme file is in Windows format (run unix2dos on it)
     74 1. Make sure correct upto date data quality report (pdf version) is included in docs directory
     75 1. Include the flight logsheet with the delivery
     76 1. If DEM was created for processing then include in delivery. Else create one and include in delivery.
    5378== Verification ==
    104129to be on the safe side, run dmesg again to make sure device name hasn't changed
    106132run mke2fs -j /dev/partition (probably sdb1)