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End user deliveries

Choose your media

Vector Enquiry

Note that for UK flights, if we have the data prepared for delivery and are awaiting vectors, then we should email the PI and enquire as to whether they would like the data dispatched now, or to wait until OS vectors have arrived for quality checking. The email template is below: Subject: Pre Vector Delivery Enquiry

Dear <PI>

This is an e-mail to inform you that your <HYPERSPECTRAL/LIDAR> data for <PROJECTCODE> (<JDAY>) have passed our processing stage at ARSF-DAN and we are currently awaiting the arrival of Ordnance Survey vectors in order to perform a pre-delivery final check.

The information from OS can sometimes take a while to arrive and as some principal investigators would prefer to get their data as early as possible we offer the choice of sending out the data to you now. Please let us know if you would like to take advantage of this option. The final product is rarely changed upon comparison with the vectors but if any discrepancies are found at a later date we will reprocess your data accordingly at that time.



ARSF Data Analysis Node

Cover letter

There should be a cover letter with all deliveries.

You can create a PDF letter using the script -f "<JdayFletter> <sensor>", where JdayFletter is the julian day with the flight letter, and sensor is any combination of the following e, h, f, l, c. If a different year is required then this should go before the JdayFletter.

An example command is: -f "165a ech, 102 eh" (Quotation marks are required and year if required goes before the flight date e.g. 2012 165a ech)

Note this will also create a draft of the email to be sent to the PI. Please read both letter and email carefully before sending.

If you wish to create these yourself ooffice templates can be found in ~arsf/arsf_data/YYYY/delivery/ and details on the contents of the email can be found below.

Data quality report

There should be a hard copy of the data quality report included with all deliveries. Print off the most recent one from ~arsf/doc

Trac and website updating

  1. Update trac ticket for this project:
    1. Add a comment that this data has been delivered (describe what was sent, to whom and when)
    2. Add date of delivery next to sensor name in ticket description.
    3. If this was the final delivery then set ticket to 'archiving'.
  2. Update the Processing status page and set the dataset to "Finished".
  3. Update the page saying who has our disks (if sent on hard disk)...

Finalising the Delivery

'Finalise' the delivery by running '' which will move the delivery directory from the processing directory to the top level delivery directory. This can be run as <path to delivery to be finalised>

e.g. ~arsf/arsf_data/2013/flight_data/uk/GB12_04-2013_106_Eaves_Wood/processing/delivery/GB12_04-hyperspectral-20131001/

Email the PI

NOTE If you change the email text here please also change the text in the email template script ~arsf/templates/delivery/notification/delivery_email_template.txt


Notification of ARSF data delivery for <PROJECT CODE>

Reply-to and CC headers:



(note you need to fill in PI, DATE, NOTES, TICKETNO, also mention if you aren't sending all their data at once)

Dear <PI>,

This is to notify you that we have just dispatched your ARSF data on a USB hard disk formatted to Windows NTFS. Please let us know when the data arrive so we know not to resend. We'd appreciate it if you could copy the data onto your system and return the disk to us (see below for address) for reuse.  
This is to notify you that we have just dispatched your ARSF data on DVDs. Please let us know when the data arrive so we know not to resend.
This is to notify you that we have placed your ARSF data on a FTP server accessible at <FTPADDRESS>. Please let us know when you have downloaded the data so we can reuse the space.

The delivery comprises:
 - Specim Eagle flight lines taken on <DATE>
 - Specim Hawk flight lines taken on <DATE>
 - LIDAR flight lines taken on <DATE>
 - Digital Photography taken on <DATE>

<NOTES - any other notes, including what data is held back>

Information about the processing of the project is included with the delivery, but our internal notes are also available at:<TICKETNO>

We hold an annual 2-day training workshop in Plymouth for users of ARSF data. This workshop is given free of charge and provides an introduction to airborne remote sensing and data processing techniques. More specifically the focus is on hyperspectral data processing using apl software and LiDAR processing using freely available tools. This workshop is open to all users of ARSF data. If you are interested in attending please contact us. 

You may wish to have images of the ARSF aircraft for use in presentations. A few images are available from our website at, please feel free to use these as you wish (crediting ARSF appropriately).


ARSF Data Analysis Node.
Plymouth Marine Laboratory,
Prospect Place,
PL1 3DH.

Tel: +44 (0)1752 633432
Fax: +44 (0)1752 633101
Web (NERC):
Web (processing wiki): 

Post it!

Special Delivery, by 1pm, lowest insurance bracket.

EUFAR data

EUFAR only counts data as delivered when it arrives at NEODC and has time limits for payment tied to this. Please archive EUFAR data at the same time as delivering to a PI.

Follow up email

After the final dataset has been delivered for the project add a reminder to the ARSF calendar a month away to send a follow up email. A template for this is available under /users/rsg/arsf/templates/delivery/notification/post_delivery_enquiry.txt.