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Data Delivery

It may be worth printing this page out and ticking each item to ensure they're done.


  • level 1 data that has been mapped to level 3 successfully and verified as correctly geolocated (as far as possible).
  • flight logsheet


One per line, with vectors overlaid? Need to specify what we want to see in these.


Once a dataset has been prepared for burning and delivery, a second person should go over it, checking for typos, etc. They should also test out the level 3 processing command for one or more of the level 1 files and confirm it works. All level 1 files should be looked at visually (ideally in all bands).

Fill in the other stuff we do/should do here

Preparation of data for burning

A template file structure for the 2006 data delivery is at ~arsf/arsf_data/2006/delivery_template/. You need to create a copy on pmpc886 (where the DVD burner is). The easiest way to do this is to use a little script.

  1. ssh pmpc886
  2. ~arsf/usr/bin/ PROJECTCODE JULIANDAY
  3. change dir to the newly created delivery directory Note: this directory will be created in /tmp, which is automatically deleted after 3 days''
  4. Copy in:
    1. the level-1 files to lev1/
    2. the logsheet to logsheet/
    3. the screenshots to screenshots/
  5. edit the Read_Me.txt-MUST_EDIT file
    1. Appropriate pixel size
    2. Comments on the quality of the data and any specific problems encountered
    3. (list of other things to change)
  6. Verification: get someone else to go through the verification steps in the section above
  7. copy the Read_Me.txt to the original project directory (~arsf/arsf_data/2006/...) as a backup and so we can refer to it later
  8. Burn the data (more info at Tools/DVD_burning?)
    1. mkisofs -R -udf -verbose -o /tmp/dvd.iso -V <ARSF-PROJECTCODE-JULIANDAY> <delivery_directory>
    2. cdrecord dev=/dev/dvdwriter -sao fs=100m driveropts=burnfree -v /tmp/dvd.iso
    3. rm /tmp/dvd.iso

Final steps

  1. Get someone else to check the DVD
  2. Print out cover letter, instructions (Readme?)
  3. Post to user
  4. Create a trac support ticket noting that the data has been delivered and that we should contact the user in a week to ensure it's arrived and is ok