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Splitting VNIR and SWIR

This page details how to separate SWIR and VNIR from the FENIX (though may work with other Specim instruments).

This works on raw files, level1b files and level2 mapped files.

The header file needs to contain vimg entries (so add these if they are not present):

vimg1 = {1, <number of vnir bands>}
vimg2 = {<number of vnir bands +1>, <number of bands in file>}

So for normal Fenix binning:
vimg1 = {1, 348}
vimg2 = {349, 622}

You can insert these into multiple text files with e.g.:
for file in *bil.hdr; do sed -i '5i vimg1 = {1, 348}' $file; sed -i '6i vimg2 = {349, 622}' $file; done

The splitter is located at:

and is ran simply as

splitfile <bil_file>

This will create seperate files namd *vnir.bil and *swir.bil

Removing SWIR from flights with no dark frames

There were a number of flights which did not have dark frame collections. Currently we can not salvage the SWIR for these flights. You therefore need to separate this out and throw it away. If you already have a delivery created, you will need to apply the procedure above to:

  • The level1b files
  • The Mask files
  • The mask method files
  • The mapped files

Throw away the SWIR, move the original unsplit lines into the processing directories and rename the VNIR to the original names.

You'll also need to update a couple of other things in the delivery:

  • Edit the bandlist in the line_information/ xml files
  • Edit the ReadMe to say what has been done (check other deliveries for blurb)