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    11= Archiving projects with NEODC =
    3 First, create the JSON as a final check. Those files must be archived later as well. Procedure: wiki:Procedures/CEDA-JSON
     3=== Creating JSON files ===
     4First, create the JSON files for the delivered data. Those files must be archived later as well. Make sure all projects have been finalised go to the main project dir as '''airborne''' user and run: 
     5{{{ -p .
     8The files will be placed in under''' processing/json_files/'''''''. The type of delivery will be taken from the delivery name if it has the keywords: owl, hyperspectral, lidar or camera. Once the files have been created, have a look to the overview image and compare to the mosaic in the delivery to make sure everything is correct. Also open one JSON file in a text editor to check quicky all fields are correct.
     10You can also specify the delivery directory by using {{{-d}}} and even run two different '-d' statements as well as you can choose a different output folder using {{{-o}}}. If you want to create a JSON file for each photograph file, then use {{{--camera_per_frame}}}. If at any time the overview image is not displaying correctly (not centred and because of that not displaying all data or labels) re-run the script with option {{{-i}}}. That will create an interactive plot that will allow you to check and show all data in the plot before exiting the script.
     14=== Archiving ===
    515This page documents the procedure to follow when sending data to NEODC.