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    1010You can also specify the delivery directory by using {{{-d}}} and even run two different '-d' statements as well as you can choose a different output folder using {{{-o}}}. If you want to create a JSON file for each photograph file, then use {{{--camera_per_frame}}}. If at any time the overview image is not displaying correctly (not centred and because of that not displaying all data or labels) re-run the script with option {{{-i}}}. That will create an interactive plot that will allow you to check and show all data in the plot before exiting the script.
     12You should also make sure that all polygons created are valid. To this end, you can run:
     13{{{  -p .
     16You can also specify to plot wrong polygons if there are any using {{{--plot}}} or just specify a single json directory with {{{-j   json_dir_path}}}. If the polygons are not correct, you will have to recreate those using the previous script Try to variate the navigation interval using {{{--nav_interval}}}  to get better results and check again with {{{}}} to make sure the problem was solved. The bigger the value of nav_interval, the less nodes will have the polygon and errors caused with rapid changes can be corrected. Also try to use --keep_full_geom if needed. You should create those JSON files into a different location for testing and just overwrite the incorrect JSON file one with the correct one.
    1318=== Committing the JSON to the PostGIS database ===