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    4242 1. If there is a workspace version, move it into workspace/being_archived (pre-2011 only)
    4343 1. Make sure deliveries have been finalised using '' and use the current naming conversion of ProjectCode-Day-Sensor-Data.
    44  1. Prepare the repository version for archiving:
    45    1. Run to highlight any problems:
    46 {{{
    47 -p <project directory> -c
    48 }}}
    49      Check the output. Delete hidden('''not''' .htaccess or .htpasswd)/temporary/broken files. Fix incorrect file name formats and any other obvious errors. Everything in the delivery should be close to perfect, but don't worry too much about things in the main project.
     44 1. Prepare the repository version for archiving
    5045   1. Make sure that the delivery sensor data is present and the raw data is present (incl. navigation). Run a quick eye over the rest of the deliveries.
    5146   1. Remove unwanted large files. The project should have been cleaned up by the processor but often large files remain which are not needed. In particular, there are sometimes duplicates of data in processing/<sensor> which are included in delivery. Free up as much space as possible by deleting unwanted large files.  Don't delete anything in processing/kml_overview