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Added hint about changing backend (needed when running from home)


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    88The script will identify the different deliveries under delivery directory and files will be placed in under''' processing/json_files/'''''''. The type of delivery will be taken from the delivery name if it has the keywords: owl, hyperspectral, lidar or camera. Once the files have been created, have a look to the overview image and compare to the mosaic in the delivery to make sure everything is correct. Also open one JSON file in a text editor to check quickly all fields are correct. '''Specially check the''' '''ceda_path''' looks OK. If the project has been already archived, you will be able to get the link by opening followed by the ceda_path. If the project has not been archived, check that the path looks similar to others in the same period of time.
     10If you are running without a GUI you might get a problem due to the matplotlib backend. You can overcome this by changing the backend using an environmental variable:
     12export MPLBACKEND=agg
    1015You can also specify the delivery directory by using {{{-d}}} and even run two different '-d' statements as well as you can choose a different output folder using {{{-o}}}. If you want to create a JSON file for each photograph file, then use {{{--camera_per_frame}}}. If at any time the overview image is not displaying correctly (not centred and because of that not displaying all data or labels) re-run the script with option {{{-i}}}. That will create an interactive plot that will allow you to check and show all data in the plot before exiting the script.