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    1717   1. Find all files/dirs with unusual characters (space, brackets, etc) - use `find -regex '.*[^-0-9a-zA-Z/._].*' | ~arsf/usr/bin/` to give suggested commands, but check first
    1818   1. Give everyone read permissions (and execute if it has user execute) for the current directory and below - `chmod -R a+rX .`
    19  1. Note on ticket that it's been archived/sent to neodc and close the ticket.
     19 1. Request DTG archives the data
     20   1. note request on ticket
     21   1. switch ticket component to "archiving" for ease of tracking.
     22 1. When DTG completes this (note date as YYYYMMDD), move the data from the active location to `~arsf/arsf_data/archived/YYYYMMDD/..<original path from ~arsf/arsf_data/>`
     23   1. e.g. `~arsf/2008/flight_data/uk/CEH08_01...` backed up on 1st Feb 2009 would be `~arsf/arsf_data/archived20090201/2008/flight_data/uk/CEH08_01...`
     24 1. Create an archive tarball for NEODC to download:
     26su - arsf
     27cd ~/arsf_data/archived/
     28 # figure out what you want to archive, e.g. all in 20080219 archive dir, then
     29./ 20080219/2007/flight_data/uk/*
     30 # note you need to specify dirs at the project level, hence the * above
     32   1. When complete, this will have dumped the data into `~arsf/arsf_data/archived/neodc_transfer_area/staging/`.  Check it looks ok then move it up one level so NEODC can rsync it.
     33 1. Notify NEODC they can download the data.
     34 1. When NEODC have the data, note on ticket that it's been archived/sent to neodc and close it.