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Updated archiving procedure for pushing data to NEODC


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    3838    1. Delete the broken symlinks and run
    3939    1. Check the links in the processing/kml_oveview folders or use the link on the wiki to open the google earth KML file and check the download links work and that there is data under each of the tabs
    40  1. Notify NEODC they can download the data (current contact is: cc knpa).
    41  1. Record in the ticket that it has been submitted to NEODC and include the date.
     40 1. Upload the data to NEODC using This will upload the data using rsync, you need to enter the password (listed on the [ Passwords] page).
     41{{{ --year 2012 --day 324
     44 1. If for any reason rsync fails you can also upload the data via FTP (note the general password, not the rsync one, is used) using:
     47> mirror -R -L /tmp/neodc_fEYiiE/ET12_14-2012_324_Boset_raw
     49 1. Notify NEODC the data has been uploaded (current contact is: cc arsfinternal).
     50 1. Record in the ticket that it has been uploaded to NEODC and include the date.
    4251 1. When NEODC confirm they have backed up the data:
    4352  1. Note in ticket that it has been backed up by NEODC.