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NEODC Data Delivery

This page documents the procedure to follow when delivering data to NEODC.

First, we need to have some data to send - these should be datasets that are 'completed'.

Work in progress'''

  1. Copy the relevant datasets onto the disk. For each dataset:
    1. Make sure everything is where it should be! (see this wiki page? for the layout)
    2. Add a copy of the relevant trac ticket(s) - save these as html (including images) and put in the admin/ subdir.
  2. Write a README.txt that explains:
    1. The layout of the disk and what's on it
    2. Any additional information that'll help explain unusual files/dirs
  3. Scan the filesystem for any 'bad' things and fix them:
    1. delete any unnecessary files - backups of DEMs that weren't used, temp files created by gedit (~ at end of filename), etc
    2. Remove executable bit on all files (except bin/az* and the run[aceh] scripts) -> find -type f -not -wholename *bin/az* -and -not -regex '.*/run[aceh]/.*sh' -and -perm /a=x -exec chmod a-x {} \;
    3. Find all files/dirs with unusual characters (space, brackets, etc) - use find -regex '.*[^-0-9a-zA-Z/._].*' | ~arsf/usr/bin/ to give suggested commands, but check first
    4. Give everyone read permissions (and execute if it has user execute) for the current directory and below - chmod -R a+rX .
  4. Create a filelist (find -ls > file_list.txt)
  5. Copy the README and filelist to the USB stick associated with the disk.
  6. Print out and attach listings & README to the logbook.
  7. Package up the disk, USB stick and log book nicely and post to NEODC at the address below:
    ARSF Data Archiving c/o Victoria Jay
    NERC Earth Observation Data Centre
    Space Science & Technology Dept.
    STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory
    Chilton, Didcot OX11 0QX