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Archiving projects with NEODC

This page documents the procedure to follow when sending data to NEODC.

  1. Choose a project:
    • A project is ready to be archived when all sensors have been delivered.
    • Check the ticket and make sure there is nothing on there which suggests something still needs to be done with the dataset (ask the processor if need be).
  2. If there is a workspace version, move it into workspace/being_archived (pre-2011 only)
  3. Prepare the repository version for archiving:
    1. Run to highlight any problems: -p <project directory> -c
      Check the output. Delete hidden(not .htaccess or .htpasswd)/temporary/broken files. Fix incorrect file name formats and any other obvious errors. Everything in the delivery should be close to perfect, but don't worry too much about things in the main project.
    2. Make sure that the delivery sensor data is present and the raw data is present (incl. navigation). Run a quick eye over the rest of the deliveries.
    3. Remove unwanted large files. The project should have been cleaned up by the processor but often large files remain which are not needed. In particular, there are sometimes duplicates of data in processing/<sensor> which are included in delivery. Free up as much space as possible by deleting unwanted large files. Don't delete anything in processing/kml_overview
    4. Add a copy of the relevant trac ticket(s) ; run:
      mkdir -p admin/trac_ticket
      pushd admin/trac_ticket
      wget --recursive --level 1 --convert-links --html-extension
    5. Set permissions:
      1. Remove executable bit on all files (except the point cloud filter and the run[aceh] scripts):
        Note - if you are processing 2011 or later, you will need to run the below commands as both arsf and airborne
        find -type f -user `whoami` -not -wholename '*pt_cloud_filter*' -and -not -regex '.*/run[aceh]/.*sh' -and -perm /a=x -exec chmod a-x {} \;
      2. Give everyone read permissions (and execute if it has user execute) for the current directory and below:
        find -user `whoami` -exec chmod a+rX {} \;
  4. Notify NEODC they can download the data (current contact is: wendy.garland@…) and record the date in the ticket. - CC Knpa
  5. When NEODC confirm they have backed up the data:
    1. Move the repository project to archive disk at: ~arsf/arsf_data/archived/<original path from ~arsf/arsf_data/>
      e.g. mv ~arsf/arsf_data/2008/flight_data/uk/CEH08_01/ ~arsf/arsf_data/archived/2008/flight_data/uk/CEH08_01
      You may need to create parent directories if they don't yet exist.
    2. Create a symlink to the project in it's original location. Point the symlink through ~arsf/arsf_data/archived rather than directly to specific disk.
      e.g. ln -s ~arsf/arsf_data/archived/2008/flight_data/uk/CEH08_01 ~arsf/arsf_data/2008/flight_data/uk/CEH08_01
    3. Note in ticket that it has been backed up by NEODC and moved to archive disk.
    4. Change status page entry to "archived" for relevant sensors (if pre-2011 HS then only do this if both original and reprocessed HS have been archived).
  6. Final steps - maybe wait a couple of months:
    1. If workspace version present, delete from being_archived.
    2. Close the ticket