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    1717 * Verify all details on the logsheet (esp. PI) by calling/emailing NERC-ARF Ops making them aware of the projects that have been unpacked - the application form and logsheet are not sufficient proof, nor do they track any changes in PI over the lifetime of the application.
    19 Make a logsheet that is suitable for delivery to end users. Use the {{{}}} script and follow instructions from:
     19Make a logsheet that is suitable for delivery to end users. Use the {{{}}} script and follow instructions:
     21'''Using GUI'''
    2022 * Run from top level - writes into 'admin' dir. You may wish to rename this dir before running to prevent any accidental overwriting.
    2123 * Fill in the yellow boxes with information from supplied logsheet.
    2224 * Blue boxes should be automatically filled in when you start the program but check the values are correct.
    2325 * Click 'fill post manual'. This will calculate the values for the green fields based on the values you have entered into the yellow fields. You should also check that these fields look correct. If the flight was flown over midnight, you may need to correct them.
     27'''Using Config file'''
     28* Manually fill out a config file with the example format below
     29* Run {{{}}}, passing the config file path with the -c option
     30* Suppress the GUI with the option -m autoonly
     32For more advance running, you may specify a particular logsheet template e.g. -x .../logsheet_template_modular.xml [[BR]]
     33A different output directory may be specified with the -o modifier
     36proj_code =
     37proj_name =
     38pi_name =
     39aircraft =
     40pilot =
     41copilot =
     42operator =
     43observer =
     45base =
     46log =
     47engineon =
     48engineoff =
     49alignin =
     50alignout =
     51base_station =
     52weather =
     53takeoff_time =
     54land_time =
     55# leave blank or enter letter
     56sortie =
     58flight_description =