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    106106 * Verify all details on the logsheet (esp. PI) by calling/emailing NERC-ARF Ops making them aware of the projects that have been unpacked - the application form and logsheet are not sufficient proof, nor do they track any changes in PI over the lifetime of the application.
     108'''To use the 2021 logsheet generator follow these steps here, or scroll further to find instructions for the old version of logsheet generator.'''
     110To create a logsheet is run in 3 stages to give greatest control of input/output. The first stage is to generate csv tables of the information to go into the logsheet. Then you create an image of the overview of flightlines, and finally you can render an HTML and PDF version of the data.
     112Example commands:
     114To create the CSV tables and get all the data together you pass the project directory, a sensor list to include in the logsheet and output directory (e.g. processing/logsheet)
     116{{{ -p /users/rsg/arsf/arsf_data/2021/flight_data/sweden/Magic-2021_236_Kiruna -o /tmp/logsheet -s fenix -v}}}
     118To create an overview it is recommended to use the `byline` option to colour the flight lines, `--inset` to generate an inset in the image and `-A` to create an animated GIF (for the website)
     120{{{ -p /users/rsg/arsf/arsf_data/2021/flight_data/sweden/Magic-2021_236_Kiruna -o /tmp/logsheet/overview.png -s fenix -c byline -A /tmp/logsheet/overview.gif --inset}}}
     122To render into an HTML and PDF you need to pass the pickled dict output from `` and the image created from ``
     124{{{ -d /tmp/logsheet/logsheet_dict.pickle -o /tmp/logsheet/ -I /tmp/logsheet/overview.png}}}
     127'''Instructions for old version of logsheet scripts'''
    108129Make a logsheet that is suitable for delivery to end users. Use the {{{}}} script and follow instructions: