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Arrival of new flight data

This procedure should be followed on receipt of new flight data from ARSF.

  1. copy to appropriate location on the filesystem (~arsf/arsf_data/2007/flight_data/...)
    • ensure the directory name conforms to the standard - PROJECTCODE-YYYY_JJJxx, e.g. GB2007_05-2007_116b, boresight-2007_198, etc
    • rename any capitalised subdirectories
    • prune empty directories? (need to think about this, maybe only do after checking it's not a stub for later data)
  2. raise a trac ticket (type 'flight processing') for the new data
    • ticket summary should be of the form "BGS2007/02, flight day 172/2007"
    • note arrival of data
    • note any specific comments that might help with processing

Other data types