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     1= Owl Processing Guide =
     3The Owl thermal hyperspectral sensor is new to the arsf and does not yet have a complete processing chain.  As this is developed this wiki page will be updated.  Details on the Owl sensor are available [ here] and information on Owl testing is available [ here].
     5== Radiometric Calibration ==
     7Specim have provided a tool to process the Owl raw data into calibrated data.  Details on using this tool are located [ here] if required.
     9To batch process the data use: -p <project directory>
     11To process individual lines use: -p <project directory> -f <flightline>
     13Each flightline should have it's own calibration data in the form of additional files prefixed T1 and T2 in the capture directory.  If these are not present the script will produce a warning.  Run the script again with the option -c auto once the submitted flightlines have produced the required calibration files (Check the log has passed the "Writing calibration file..." step), or manually specify a calibration file with -c <flightline with calibration data_calibration.rad>.
     15All output files are written to the /processing/owl/calibration subdirectory of the project folder and logs written to /processing/owl/logs. The output files consist of the data (* and if not specified as inputs, the calibration (*_calibration.rad) and blinker files (*blinkers.dat), all with their own header file. Intermediate files are stored in /users/rsg/airborne/workspace/Owl/ and deleted on completion.
     17== Geocorrection ==
     19This will be incorporated into APL...